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Its time to do your fertility journey differently...
To awaken the life potential that is already inside of you and heal your body, mind and spirit as you are trying to conceive your baby.
Meet The Experts
Amira Posner
Dr. Aumatma Shah
Dr. Crystal Frazee
Heidi Brockmyre 
Kelly Meehan
Zahra Haji
Stephanie Roth
Natasha Marchand
Monica Bivas
Lisa Hendrickson-Jack
Aremisa Hailey
Caroline Zwickson
Elisabeth Manning
Katherine Zagone
Kristen Darcy
Uma Dinsmore-Tuli 
Russell Davis
Nancy Mae
Nancy Weiss
Nita Ewald
Host - Cathy Ospina
 Cathy Ospina is a Fertility Birth and new mom Coach. She combines health and life coaching to support women on the sacred path to motherhood. She is best known for identifying Fertility Blocks, limiting beliefs that can block your body from conceiving. She then assists women in shifting their mindset to get their mind, body, and energy to support conception and a healthy pregnancy. She has received training from Duke Integrative Medicine, Dona International, Integrative Women's Health Institute, and Postpartum Action Institute. 

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